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Teeth Whitening Reviews

How To Whiten Teeth- Teeth Whitening Reviews

Developed in the early 1900’s, teeth bleaching or tray whitening kits were the only real option for whitening discoloured or stained teeth. As teeth whitening moved on into retail stores with improved tooth paste formulations and even dentist bought-in expensive LED light activated systems, the tray whitening procedure became largely overshadowed.

Recent teeth whitening reviews have show that at home teeth whitening kits may still be the best and most viable way to quickly and effectively whiten your teeth and improve your smile. The main reason being, that at home teeth whitening kits are generally less expensive than in-office procedures and the how to whiten teeth instructions are easy to follow and implement. And since you or your dentist chooses the strength of hydrogen peroxide used you have more control over the whitening results and less chance of any side effects. You simply stop when you are happy with your shade of white and your smile. Recent opinions has found that more than 75% are now opting for at home teeth whitening kits.

Teeth Whitening Kits- Best Tooth Whitening choice and cost of teeth whitening!

Teeth whitening kits can be prescribed by dentist or can be bought over the counter or online. The dentist will most likely provide you with a custom fit tray which is really the “gold-standard” for teeth whitening as an impression of your teeth will be taken to make the exact mold (upper and lower or both).

Some online and over the counter teeth whitening kits feature the boil and bite mouth trays while others have the one size fits all. Since you will be taking an impression yourself, you should be aware that the match may not be exact.

Boil and bite trays are much better than the one size mouth trays as they offer some customization to enhance bleach-to-tooth contact. They are made of malleable substance so that when they are heated-up and applied directly to the teeth, they can be pressed-in with your fingers to conform to the shape of the mouth.

One size mouth trays lack the comfort of the boil and bite counterparts and because they are loose fitting they tend to increase the production of saliva which further dilutes the strength of the teeth whitening agent and interfere with the bite pattern.

Many customers find that they are very satisfied with the teeth whitening effect of self purchased at home teeth whitening kits, especially since they are so much less expensive that those kits prescribed by regular or cosmetic dentists (£250+). Another reason is that the how to whiten teeth instructions are easy to follow.

Best Tooth Whitening

While the mouth trays may differ between teeth whitening kits, the other main difference is the peroxide strength. With at home teeth whitening kits the teeth bleaching takes place over a period of time. The peroxide is often in a lower concentration than the in-office procedures. This “in-fact a very good thing” as results have shown that lower peroxide concentration has lower cases of teeth sensitivity side effects. Higher cases of teeth sensitivity occurs with the in-office dental whitening where higher peroxide concentrations are frequently used. It is noted that carbamide peroxide is a more stable form of hydrogen peroxide. Carbamide peroxide is also one of the most common forms of teeth whitening gels used in the UK and EU countries as a means of how to get white teeth.

How to Choose the Best Tooth Whitening Kits

Consider the following before you buy online, from your dentist or from a discount store:
  • Teeth whitening involve a bleaching process that can have some side effects. If your gums are sore and your teeth are not in perfect shape, teeth bleaching can cause pain and even damage. A dental check is therefore a good requirement for that clean bill of oral health. A good idea is to have this done before attempting teeth whitening.
  • Custom fitted molds are the “gold-standard” but can be expensive. Boil and bite are next best thing and lastly but not recommended one size fits all. The aim is to maximize the bleach to tooth contact.
  • If your teeth or gum reacts intensely to hot or cold you could be of the sensitive type. Choosing a low or non peroxide teeth whitening kit is therefore a much better choice for sensitive teeth.
  • Teeth whitening kits comes in a wide variety of manner. You can buy gels, trays, LED light activated source together or separately or even get a complete kit. Do your homework and make sure you either ask your dentist for or buy a teeth whitening kit you can administer with confidence.                

Above all common sense prevails. Do your research and there is no reason why you too can’t enjoy opalescence white teeth and brilliant smiles that boost pure confidence.

Finally, people of all ages whiten their teeth. From teenagers to well known celebrities and the rich. A white smile says a lot about confidence, health, vitality and the desire to be attractive. Tray whitening kits don’t have to cost a fortune to boost your self esteem and present you with a perfect smile. More than 75% of people are performing home teeth whitening than ever before.

Do it your self home teeth whitening kits cost a fraction of the dentist prescribed trays. Learning how to whiten teeth is very easy indeed. We are here to make you smile. It is absolutely beyond any doubt the best thing that you can actually do for yourself right now. Take your time, follow the simple step by step instructions and flash those perfect white teeth and beautiful smile in days from now.


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